Scriptoria Workshop for Writers

Scriptoria Workshop for Writers

This June 20-24 in Grand Rapids, MI, I’ll be attending a wonderful new writing workshop. Scriptoria is a joint effort of three universities: Calvin, Cornerstone and Aquinas. It follows the format of an MFA residency, with critiquing workshops in the morning,...

A Year After Publishing, What Has Changed?

A few months ago I read a blog post by a woman trying to become a professional writer. The post is funny yet communicates the frustration and embarrassment of the not-yet stage. The blogger, Sandra Ebijer, describes how you feel reluctant to tell people what you do...

Creating the “Soundtrack” of a Novel

As a writer I’m often asked how I chose my novel’s setting or how I came up with the story line. Last fall, for the first and only time, I was asked how I chose the musical pieces in my book. It’s a great question. Naturally, the person who asked is...

New Writing, the Old Way

My novel, The Songs We Hide, has now been “out in public” for almost seven months. I worked long and hard to get to this point, and certainly I’m glad to be here. What I hadn’t counted on, though, is how much of my time would be consumed in...


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