Last Thursday night (July 12, 2012) at just a little after 10 o’clock, a beautiful new child named James Drake Connally was born.  He is the second child of Patrick and Kim, my eldest son and his wife.  I was there at Kim’s left side and watched Drake’s birth.  What an amazing thing this is–the entry into life of a new soul contained in a tiny, wet, wriggling body.

With Drake’s arrival, my granddaughter Aydan became a big sister.  I think that for a long time to come she will be discovering what this means, to share her world and her

James Drake Connally

parents with this new little interloper . . . But Aydan has had tenderness and affection built into her from the very beginning.  When she met her little brother, her happy, loving nature immediately spilled over:  “Baby Drake!” she exclaimed, nose-to-nose with him.  “My baby Drake!  He likes me!”

So our family welcomes another grandchild–this is our third in 28 months–and we rejoice in the beginning of a precious life, bound miraculously to all of our lives.

Baby Drake, sister Aydan (two years old), and mother Kim




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