I hadn’t meant to neglect this blog for so long.  The excuses for the neglect are a busy life and a broken computer, plus trying to finish revising a novel.  Well, anyway, here we are.

Rory and I at the top of Mt. Febe, overlooking Yaounde

The Cameroonian coast at Kribi

In the first half of September my husband and I visited Yaoundé, Cameroon, where my eldest son and his family live.  Cameroon is in equatorial Africa, right in the bend of the west coast (the “armpit”).  Cameroon is more “third world” than any other place I’ve ever been, including the mountain reaches of Peru.  It is a place of beauty and poverty; green hills and trash; trim, athletic people and malaria; color and superstition.  The flight there was exhausting, exceeded in jet lag only by the trip back.  It was also expensive.  Am I eager to go back to Africa?  Uh . . . no.  Am I glad I went?  Absolutely.  Here are a few pictures to start off with, and more posts coming soon.


There are lizards everywhere. You don’t notice them against the rocks until they move. This one is about a foot long.

Yaoundé, a tropical paradise . . .

The palms grow in Cameroon, spreading out like a fan or a peacock tail. The huge fronds grow in matter of days.



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