My husband Rory with his new namesake

It’s been a long time since I wrote on this blog!  But with this entry I have something wonderful to report:  a new life.  On November 20, my grandson Rory Evans Connally was born at 6:36 a.m., weighing in at 9 lb. His parents are my youngest son, Kevin, and his wife, Adele.  His big sister is Edie, who is three.   Rory has made an excellent start in life.

If you’re wondering why that name seems so familiar, it’s because a good man already owns it.  Baby Rory was named after my husband.  Kevin gave a beautiful toast and blessing over his new child, and here is what he said:

“My son, you are a Connally.  You come from a long line of strong and hard-working men.  Your name is my father’s, and it means to me generosity, wisdom, love and humility.  I pray to God you will become like him.  You will find him an excellent grandfather.

Rory ‘n’ me

“You have another Father as well.  He is your maker, and He knows and loves you deeper than anyone else can.  He built you, He shaped your heart and fashioned your mind.  He carved your image from His own and you have His likeness.  He is your Father and His love for you surpasses my own.  May He soften your heart as He toughens your body.  May He enliven your mind as He tells you the truth.  May He capture your spirit and your imagination.  He will be with you as you grow.  Listen and respond to Him, for only in Him will you grow to the full stature of manhood.  O Father, fill this child with Your love as You filled Your Son, our Lord.”

In these photos, little Rory is about two hours old.  You will notice toys and home furniture in the pictures, because this boy was born at home.  His mom, Adele, is one tough young woman and handled it beautifully.  We’re rejoicing!

Kevin, Adele, Edie and Rory, on the morning of Rory's birth

Kevin, Adele, Edie and Rory, on the morning of Rory’s birth





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