I have eight grandchildren, the first one born in 2010 and the newest one born two-and-a-half weeks ago. With the birth of each child, I’ve written a blog post, and today it’s a pleasure to write about Lydia Norah Connally, born September 28, 2019 in Peru. I haven’t met Lydia yet, only spoken to her on WhatsApp (which is a woefully inadequate way to love a baby). But in December, Rory and I will travel to Peru and have the joy of meeting her in person and holding her.

Lydia Norah Connally

Lydia is the third child in her family. Her parents, Brendan and Erin, are missionaries among the Quechua people of the Andes. Lydia has two older brothers: six-year-old Oliver, and almost-three-year-old Joel. Lydia, like her brothers, will grow up with both Peruvian and US citizenship. She will speak Spanish, English, and some Quechua. She’ll have friends from three or four continents, because she’ll grow up with Peruvians and the children of other missionaries. Lydia is a child of the world and of the Christian gospel.

Top: Lydia. Bottom left: Brendan with Lydia. Bottom right: Oliver with Lydia

She is also the daughter of two very strong, smart and kind parents, and I know that Lydia will spread love and hope, just as they do. I deeply believe that Lydia and her brothers are gifts not only to our family but to a world in need. I watch with pleasure as the goodness of God unfolds in their lives.

Oliver, Joel and Lydia with their loving Quechua nanny, Ana
Erin and Lydia


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