Les Mis, Played Out and Lived Out

This is the text of my recent News Tribune article about a high school musical production that was not only a joy for the audience but transformative for the school community. In May Stadium High School transported me to nineteenth-century Paris—violence, poverty,...

Art For The Soul

A few posts back I wrote about my brother, Walt Hampton, who makes wonderful music, teaches it and shares it with others.  The giving of music is an act of joy and generosity.  In that same spirit, today I’m writing about my friends Chuck and Janis Lindley, who...

Staging a Miracle at Tacoma First Presbyterian

I am an alto in the choir of my church, Tacoma First Presbyterian.  There are about twenty of us in the choir, and I like to think we sound good, although we are almost all amateur musicians and none of us had to audition for our spot. The choir sings every Sunday for...


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