Coming April 2024: A New Novel, Fire Music

Coming April 2024: A New Novel, Fire Music

Some things are years in the making, and that’s especially true of books. My novel Fire Music has been one of those long projects, and I used to wonder how I’d ever finish it. But now I’m delighted to announce that this huge labor of love is not only finished but has...

Creating the “Soundtrack” of a Novel

As a writer I’m often asked how I chose my novel’s setting or how I came up with the story line. Last fall, for the first and only time, I was asked how I chose the musical pieces in my book. It’s a great question. Naturally, the person who asked is...

Török Testvérek: A Dynamic Hungarian Trio

While the rest of the U.S. stampedes to mass arenas for rock concerts, I gravitate toward classical and folk music in small places. Some of my favorite musical experiences have happened in venues not much bigger than a classroom. I love the informal rapport that...

Re-examining an American Mindset

This essay (minus the photos) was published under a different title in The News Tribune of Tacoma, February 9, 2015.  In recent years two of my three sons embarked on international life journeys, and in a smaller way, so did I.  My son Brendan and his wife moved to...


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